Remembering Window June 2010

by colleen coyle
remembering Wndow - June 2010

In Spring 2010 Alpha Stained Glass was asked to collaborate with the families of those killed in the Creggan area of Derry during the Northern Irish conflict. The stained glass panel above is the outcome of several workshops with family members.

Each of the 49 oak leaves represents one person killed  during the conflict. It was felt that the Oak leaf was an appropriate symbol as Derry is an Anglicisation of the word Doire or Doire Cholmchille meaning 'Oak-Wood' the original name of the city in Irish. 

There are five smaller trees four small and one sapling just inside the ring of An Grianan Ailigh. These symbolise the 5 people killed in Creggan, who were fromthe area at the time. The trees have the names of the remembered engraved on them, just barely visable in the image above. 

Whilst the design was being formulated during workshops with the families of the deceased, a recurring image  was that of 'An Grianan Ailigh', a Celtic Fort just across the border in Co. Donegal. We decided to use this, one of the most iconic images in the North West, to bring the Celtic roots of Creggan through, thus creating the remembering tree itself.